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Spot Laundromat COVID-19 Corona Virus Update

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Valued Spot Customers,

During these unprecedented times, we understand that a laundromat is a vital community resource. The CDC has recommended that we all limit our human to human contact as much as possible through social distancing. They have also asked that we regularly wash our hands and our clothes/bedding. As you may be aware, our commercial washers and dryers allow for higher heat settings than your home washers and dryers and we encourage this usage in order to fully kill germs, bacteria and any virus. Our team takes this outbreak very seriously, and we plan to stay open in order to a part of the solution. In order to do this effectively and safely, our staff is constantly utilizing some of the best sanitizers and disinfectants available in order to keep our Spots as clean as possible.


HOWEVER WE NEED YOUR HELP: In order to facilitate and minimize possible contamination within our store, we ask that our customers remain in their vehicles while waiting on their washers and dryers to finish. Keep an appropriate distance from others within the laundromat and limit the number of people that you bring with you to the laundromat. Our store attendant is also happy to notify you when your machines are finished if you’d like. Simply let us know and we will do our best to notify you. During these challenging times, if we can serve you in any way, please let us know. As a local and family owned business, we want only what’s best for our community and country. Have a blessed,safe and healthy day.



The Spot Management Team

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Family Owned

Spot Laundromats is a family owned and operated laundromat business. We give you over 50 years of experience in the self-service laundromat industry. Each of our seven locations offers the industry’s leading energy-efficient equipment. This helps ensure the best quality wash possible on every single load.

Our friendly attendants help make sure your time with us will be pleasant and clean. You can choose from either a coin or card laundromat, we have options to meet your every need. Visit one of our clean, customer friendly Spot Laundromats today.

Your Time Is Valuable

Your time is very important to you and your loved ones. Give our top-of-the-line laundry equipment a try. Our washer’s high-speed spin cycle helps to reduce your drying time, and our hot dryers are very fast. If you are still strapped for time, give our drop-off  laundry services a try. It’s really better than a day at the spa.  We wash, dry and fold it to your specifications!

Enjoy the Difference

We want you to be safe and enjoy your time here. Enjoy well-lit parking lots and laundromats. A 24-hour surveillance system is there to give you peace of mind.  These clean, air-conditioned facilities all have ample parking.

The stores offer you plenty of folding areas and seating. Some of our other features include free WIFI, televisions and play areas. Ample laundry carts mean that you will always have a place to put your clean laundry. The vending areas at most of our facilities offer snacks as well as laundry day essentials.

Got laundry? Get Spot!

Supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Spot Is Happy To Support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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