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Contact us to get answers to your laundry related questions or issues. Phone: 866-682-SPOT Email:

Contact us to get answers to your laundry related questions or issues.

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At Spot, we are all about you! This is your place to come do laundry and we try hard to make it fun. If you ever need to contact us there are so many great ways to do it. You can call, text, message or email Spot. Want another way? Check out our Ask Spot page or find us on facebook and Google too.

Not satisfied? We hope you will give us a second chance. You can request a refund, file a complaint and more right from this very page. Whatever you have to say can be said right here (just please keep it nice). Spot is dedicated to bringing you quality service and a clean family-friendly environment. If you have any issues we need to know about them so feel free to contact us.

Have something positive to say? We’d love to hear it. You can send it to us in many ways, google reviews, facebook reviews or right here on this very page. Whatever works best for you. After all this is your place to get in touch, and tell us what you have to say.

Be sure to read what others have to say too. And if you have a laundry question, check out our FAQ page. It may have the answer and you won’t even need to ask us.

Spot’s the spot for everything laundry, and we are constantly working to improve your experience. Please contact us today and give us your input. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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  • Our full-service laundry is completely customizable.
  • It’s your laundry done your way.
  • And our wash, dry and fold laundry service is no more expensive than pizza delivery, but it saves you loads more time.