Black Spots on Laundry

Random Black Spots on Laundry If you have some random black spots on laundry and...

orange washcloth with random black spots of mold and mildew. Random spots on laundry. Random Black Spots on Laundry

If you have some random black spots on laundry and you have no clue where they came from, it may very well be mold or mildew. If left untreated, it will spell destruction for your laundry, eventually causing tears and holes in your favorite laundry.


clorox bleach to help remove mold and mildew

Treat the Black Spots Quickly

Just because you put your dishcloths away and they didn’t show any signs of mold, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. So, the next time you see tiny black spots on your clean laundry here is what you should do.

Act quickly! After all, you don’t want moldy linens stacked with clean ones because it WILL spread.

First and foremost, you need to kill the mold to stop it from spreading and damaging the material. Bleach and white vinegar are two options for killing the mold. The option you use will depend on whether your laundry is white or color.

If using vinegar, simply spritz a 1/1 solution of vinegar and water onto the mold and then wash it with a laundry sanitizer.


random spots on laundry red bath towel drying on a rack

How to Prevent Random Black Spots on Laundry

The black spots on your laundry can only be avoided by making sure that your laundry is completely dry when you either put it into the hamper or the closet. If there is any kind of moisture present you will likely get mold.

That’s why when you put that clean, but slightly damp, dishcloth away on Saturday, by Wednesday it had those random black mold spots. Always make sure your clean laundry is completely dry and never damp when you store it.

To help avoid this issue with dirty laundry, try the following methods:

Drape wet washcloths, towels or any wet laundry over the shower door or rod and let them dry completely before putting them into the hamper. If this isn’t an option, then you will need to wash them ASAP. Using a laundry sanitizer or bleach are also good preventative measures.


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