Conquering Grass Stains

How To Get Grass Stains Out of Jeans In this month's blog we are showing...

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How To Get Grass Stains Out of Jeans

In this month’s blog we are showing you how to get grass stains out of jeans and clothes in general. This is one of those tough stains that if not treated properly can last forever. Following this simple, 3-step process should remove the grass stain in no time at all.


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Step 1 – Grass Stains Removal

Step one is to get it done fast. Remember, the longer you let it wait, the tougher that stain will be to remove.

Before anything, pre-treat the garment. There are many pre-treaters on the market and our top recommendation is OxiClean Max Force Spray Cleaner. For grass stains, do not rub in the pre-treater. Rubbing it will actually spread the stain and rub it deeper into the fibers of the fabric making it harder to get out. Instead, simply spray and let set, we recommend following the label guidelines for the best results.

The Overnight Soak – Step 2

Next, finish the pre-treating process by soaking the garment in a warm OxiClean bath overnight. The OxiClean has enzymes in it that will actually break down the stain.

Next, toss the garment into the wash and add an extra rinse cycle.

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Drying Step 3

Make sure to check it before drying it!! When you pull it out of the washer, make sure to give it a good check in bright light. Make sure the grass stain is completely gone before drying. Because, once you dry it, the stain is harder to remove.


Always, read product labels to make sure that they will not damage your material or remove the color. Other stain removers may be gentler on the fabric and still remove the stain as well.

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