Conquering Grass Stains

Grass Stains Oh, to be a kid again. There was something quite magical about having...
Conquering Grass Stains

Grass Stains

Oh, to be a kid again. There was something quite magical about having someone else to maintain your schedule and ensure your well-being. And even though the childhoods I witness now are vastly more technical than this 90s kid’s was, kids are still kids. There are still little league games with kids sliding into home. Boys are still taking the field to shove jerseys into the turf. Now, in summertime, there are wet feet slipping in the grass on the way to the pool. But being the adults in the situation, we now have to figure out how to keep from just trashing the grass stained jeans and t-shirts.

grass stain tip 1

Tip 1

My first tip for you; get it done. The longer you let it wait, the stronger that stain gets. Last month, I wrote about white jeans I wore on vacation. I was away from laundry access for about a week and when I finally got home, getting the stains out was nearly impossible. You don’t want to have to drag your kid clothes shopping in the middle of summer because you ignored the grass stains too long.

Before anything, try to pre-treat the garment with OxiClean. Do Not Rub the pre-treat in. Rubbing it will actually spread the stain and rub it deeper into the fibers of the fabric making it harder to get out.


Tip 2

Next, finish the pre-treating process by soaking the garment in a warm OxiClean bath overnight. The OxiClean has enzymes in it that will actually break down the stain.

Throw it in the wash and add an extra rinse cycle if you can.




grass stain check before drying

Tip 3

Make sure to check it before drying it!! When you pull it out of the washer, make sure to give it a good once over. Make sure the stain is out before drying. Because, once you dry it, the stain is set. If you still see the stain after the wash, start again by pretreating it with the OxiClean Booster, but again, don’t delay on this or it will dry waiting in your hamper and the stain will be set. If needed at this point you can add Clorox II as a brightener go finish removing the stain.





grass stained kids

So, let the kids be kids. Let them roll down the grassy hill until their dizzy and let them dive for a frisbee in the backyard. No stress anymore over this, and if you don’t want to full with it, bring it over and let us get the Spot out!

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