12 Days of Christmas Contest

Our 2021 Contest Winners! Kianna Marie Spriggs Richelle Harp Robin Grove Thomas Molly Morgan Stephonie...

Our 2021 Contest Winners!

  1. Kianna Marie Spriggs
  2. Richelle Harp
  3. Robin Grove Thomas
  4. Molly Morgan
  5. Stephonie Baker
  6. Lisa Rabold Stitely
  7. Katina White
  8. Jacob Fritz
  9. Tina Snyder-Mills
  10. Dana Paniagua
  11. Tara Jones
  12. Faith Davis

12 Days of Christmas contest

How To Play Our 12 Days of Christmas Contest

Enter each day for a chance to win a $20.00 Spot laundry card.

  • Days To Play? Every weekday beginning Dec 08 – Dec 23.
  • What Time? Beginning at 10:00 am through midnight each day.
  • How? Visit our Facebook page to see the question and hint each day. Private message or email us the answer.
  • Winner? We will post the day before’s winners on this page by 11:00 am each weekday.


Spot’s famous 12 Days of Christmas contest is back, and this year a little more challenging. Get in the Christmas spirit and win a little Christmas cheer.


It’s super easy and you can win more than one time, so play every day! What better way to kick off the Christmas season than starting each weekday with a little Spot fun contest.


The winner can choose a $20.00 gift card or the balance can be added to a Spot laundry card/account. You, or the person you gift it too, can use that cash on self-serve or drop-off laundry service. Use your cash at any of our full-service laundromats.


So while you watch your Hallmark movies and munch on Christmas cookies, be sure to play our 12 Days of Christmas contest each and every day. Remember, you can win more than once. Oh, and don’t forget the Christmas music.


Ahhh, now that’s Christmas fun! So come one and all and play along with Spot’s 12 Days of Christmas contest, and let the festivities begin.

Our 2020 Contest Winners!

(View our last year contest winners.)

  • Day 01 – Tina Snyder-Mills
  • Day 02 – L-Breezy Knode II
  • Day 03 – Libby Rowe
  • Day 04 – Dana Moore
  • Day 05 – Melanie Vincent
  • Day 06 – Anitra J Harris
  • Day 07 – Katrina Miller
  • Day 08 – Edmond Culver
  • Day 09 – Lisa Turner
  • Day 10 – Lori Culver
  • Day 11 – Rachel Schiavo
  • Day 12 – Teresa Carbaugh