Should I Use Hot or Cold Water to Wash Laundry?

Should I Use Hot or Cold Water to Wash Laundry?  We know that heat kills...

Should I Use Hot or Cold Water to Wash Laundry? 

Should I Use Hot or Cold Water to Wash Laundry? 

We know that heat kills bacteria, and we know that heat cleans better, but also remember that heat could hurt laundry. So how do you determine whether you should use hot or cold water to wash laundry? Below are 5 easy ways to figure it all out.



1 – Check the Laundry Tag

It may be scary, but if you are unsure of how to wash your laundry, check the tag. We even offer this handy guide that you can print and pin to your washer or dryer.



2 – Determine the Material

Because hot water shrinks but also cleans, you need to determine if your clothing can take the heat. Heat can damage your skinny or stretchy clothes, so you may want to opt for a warm wash instead of a hot wash.



3 – Think About Your End Goal

If you want to sanitize the blankets that your kid just vomited on, read the tag. If it says, cold water only, then you may need to reach for a product like the Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. However, if your goal is just to freshen up gently used items, then cold water may be ideal.

We also recommend that, when buying linens, clothing and even stuffed animals, you check the care instructions first. Don’t buy it if you can’t clean it. For example, if the tag says dry clean only and you will never use a dry cleaner, you may want to pass on that purchase.


4 – Consider Expense

If you are using a laundromat and the cold water wash is cheaper, and all of your laundry will be cleaned with cold water, then go for it. However, keep in mind that even the experts know that hot water cleans best. If you do opt for a cold water wash, be sure to use products designed just for that or you may ruin your load of laundry.


5 –  Make the Choice That Works for You

I usually opt for warm water on all of my laundry, except for the dish cloths. I just prefer warm to cold, because it does a better job on tough dirt, but is also more gentle on the delicates. It’s like a happy medium for me. So if your laundry can stand hot or cold and you want to save time, opt for something in between.

It’s getting easier all the time to just do all of your laundry in one load, but we always recommend that you follow the tag instructions and the detergent’s label instructions for the best wash possible!


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