Stretch Marks Or Puckers On Jeans?

  Skinny Jeans Gone Wild If your best-loved skinny jeans suddenly start to have stretch...
Stretch Marks Or Puckers On Jeans?


Skinny Jeans Gone Wild

If your best-loved skinny jeans suddenly start to have stretch marks or look all puckered up, it may simply be the way you are washing them that’s to blame.

My husband wears the traditional blue jeans, no stretchy stuff for him. And at the end of a day, after working on equipment and using a chainsaw, his jeans require some tough treatment.

puckered up blue jeans

The problem started when I washed my skinny jeans with my husband’s jeans. I mean they were all blue jeans right, so why not wash them together? But then my jeans started to get these puckers all over them.


How to remove stretch marks or puckers on skinny jeans

Help Stop Stretch Marks

Turns out that they put care labels onto clothing for a reason, sigh, if only I had followed instructions. You see, the hot water and harsh chemicals were destroying the elasticity of the fabric. Basically, I was melting the elastic, which caused the fabric to expand and look puckered. To avoid making this same mistake, simply follow the label instructions wash in cold water, and tumble dry low.


Keep It Together

Remember to also wash with like materials so that one garment doesn’t actually harm the other one. As a matter of fact, Spot recommends that you wash your skinny, stretch jeans in a load together. Don’t mix them in with dark towels, regular blue jeans or t-shirts. After all, an unbalanced load could end up damaging the lighter weight fabrics. Spot recommends that you always follow the label’s care instructions, and if you need a symbol guide, download ours here. 


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To try and get rid of puckering on jeans, use a iron on a low setting. Wet the jeans and then try to iron the wrinkles. Use caution when doing this or you could make the problem worse. We only recommend doing this on jeans that are too far gone.


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Stop Stretch Marks Or Puckers On Jeans!

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