How To Organize a Closet

How To Organize a Closet Closets can become stuffed with clothes we never wear and...

how to organize a closet

How To Organize a Closet

Closets can become stuffed with clothes we never wear and even ones that are beyond wearable. You know, the badly stained white t-shirt from 2 summers ago or the sock that you may find the match for some day.


My closet was recently guilty of this very thing. Dresses that were 20 years old, tops that were pure trash, holy socks and underwear. Here are 5 easy tips on how to organize a closet and keep it that way.


Organizing Tip 1

Pull everything out of the closet and pile it up on the floor or bed. This allows you to start organizing with a blank canvas. I prefer the floor because it keeps everything in plain view, and you don’t have to worry about stuff falling onto the floor.




how to organize a closet clothes hangers on a rod

Tip 2 Sorting Makes Organizing Easy

Sort everything into 3 piles, removing hangers as needed. Make a pile for tossing, donating, and washing. If you are keeping it, fold it into a neat pile or hang it directly in the closet. When folding or hanging keep in mind that now is the time to organize too.


Tip 3 How To Organize a Closet While You Work

Hang the clothes you are keeping by color (See our article about ROYGBIV) and fold them by season. Ex: shorts in one pile, pants in another, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts each in their own pile.

Don’t forget to sort through socks and underwear too. Get rid of single socks and toss anything with holes or worn-out elastic. Toss broken or odd-sized hangers, place the trash into trash bags, and donations into a bag or box.

Organizing as you work will make your closet spotless, plus easy to maintain and use for the rest of the season.



how to organize a closet clothes hangers on a rod

4 How To Organize a Closet Seasonally

To make this process easier, clean your closet during the first week or two of a new season. This will allow you to be able to wash and put away the old season completely. If you organize it in the middle or end of a season, you’ll just have to do it again when the weather temps finally remain steady.





how to organize a closet using a closet organizer by Target

How To Save Space By Organizing

I don’t use a dresser at all in my home. Why? because they take up tons of floor space and are a great place to stuff, well – stuff. This means, out of sight out of mind, and you’ll most likely never use it again. A hanging shelf on a closet rod is the perfect place to stack, tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and jeans. Place separate baskets on the shelf for underwear and socks. Hang dresses, sweaters, and shirts.

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