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Laundromat Know How It’s going to happen. At some point in time, no matter what...

How do I get my laundry to you?Laundromat Know How

It’s going to happen. At some point in time, no matter what your housing situation is like, you will have to spend some time in a laundromat. Maybe you’re taking an RV trip with your family. Or, maybe your washer broke down during the middle of summer when your kids require 3 outfits a day. Just maybe you’re new to college and are surprised to learn that your days of free laundry services are long gone. 
I remember when my sister packed up and went to college ahead of me many moons ago. We’d been taught to do our own laundry years before; but she had not been taught about laundromats until one was forced upon her. Cut to a tearful call home several weeks later when she related to us the dramatic turn of events in the laundry room. This had caused her to remind everyone that, “Clothes cost money, people!”
Thankfully, when I moved recently, I didn’t have to worry about whether my new place would have its own laundry or not since I would be only miles away from a SPOT laundromat. Spot is a beautiful, clean, safe laundromat with modern appliances and a friendly staff. But if you’d rather not have a tearful experience like my sister did, here are some tips on how to have a great experience at a laundromat.

Check The Laundromat Equipment 

First, look before you leap. Just like you should read the whole recipe before starting to cook. Take your time before you start throwing things in the nearest available washer. Look at your load. How big is it? Most of us probably know not to overload your washer, but did you know you can also underload it as well? Don’t use a large capacity machine to wash a smaller load. It won’t get your clothes clean and you’ll be wasting your money.
Oh, and speaking of overloading, it’s a real thing. If your clothes don’t have room to move a bit, they’re not getting clean. A good rule of thumb to remember, you should be able to put a football on top of your load of laundry and still get the door closed on your front-load washer.
Lastly, before you dump your clothes in the washer, take a look inside. Does it look clean? If the washer looks like the last user probably washed their dog bed in there, don’t add your clothes. Look for a clean washer and alert the attendant that washer #__ needs rinsed.

Use The Equipment Properly

If you’re doing darks first, did the person right before you possibly use bleach? Better play it safe and pour a cup of water through the bleach dispenser first.
Are you doing a load of whites, need to add some bleach? Make sure to use the bleach dispenser.
Tide Pods are a whole new development in laundry products. So if you haven’t been to a laundromat since college, it might be a bit confusing figuring out where they go. Don’t put them in the soap dispenser. Just add them into the washer with your clothes.

Take Responsibility

Don’t leave your laundry unattended in a laundromat. If you do, you may end up like my sister crying and announcing to the entire laundromat that “Clothes cost money, people!” I know the temptation is to run in, get it started, and run errands, but bring your laptop or a book or check out our recent Pinteresting Spot for more waiting tips. Can’t find the time to stay with it? SPOT has drop-off services that can be a life saver on busy days! Just toss your bag our way and our attendants will be happy to complete each step of the process for you. You’ll just have to put it back in your closet!
So, don’t worry. You’re now better prepared for laundry on the go, on the move, and on the homefront. Oh, and if you’re having a bad week and you just can’t deal anymore, just call us, we’ll come pick-up your clothes while you pick up all the other pieces of life!

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