Salem Avenue Laundromat | Hagerstown MD | Full/Self-Serve Card

Salem Avenue Laundromat | Hagerstown, MD


 13015 Salem Ave. | Hagerstown, MD


      Phone: 866-682-SPOT | 301-791-7768

      Self-Serve Hours: Mon-Sun 24 Hours

      Drop-Off Hours: Mon-Sun 7AM – 9PM


Full/Self Serve / Card Operated

We accept all major credit/debit cards

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Convenient Salem Avenue Laundromat

If you are looking for a conveniently located laundromat, look no further. Come visit our Spot Salem Avenue Laundromat location. Located on 13015 Salem Avenue in Hagerstown, MD. it is situated just off of I-81. This fully attended laundromat allows you to choose between our full and self serve options. Brand new state of the art equipment uses a laundry card so that you can add money with cash or a credit/debit card.


Family Owned

We are a family-owned laundromat, and work hard to bring you a totally different, clean and positive laundromat experience. The Salem Avenue laundromat has plenty of washers and dryers in a variety of sizes to ensure that you can get your laundry done when you need it done. The parking lot is all to itself so you can be sure that there will always be plenty of parking available for our customers. Also enjoy fresh air while you wait for your laundry to be done at our picnic table. Enjoy outdoor seating, folding tables, laundry carts and vending machines. Plus, bill exchanger, air conditioning, free wifi, a children’s play area and televisions are just some of the other perks that that this Salem Avenue laundromats has to offer.


Full Service

Services that we offer include drop-off or pick-up and delivery. We will wash, dry and fold your laundry to your specifications all within 24 hours or faster. You can even choose which chemicals you would like us to use, and specify clothesline or tumble dry. Tide and Snuggle detergent are our go to options and bleach (as needed), but you can specify your chemical preferences. If allergies are an issue just let us know and we will work with you to reach a solution that keeps you healthy. Whatever works best for you we hope that you will give it a try. If interested give us a call and order pick-up right from your phone. We do laundry, so you don’t have to!

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Dedicated to You

Our mission is to provide you with a clean friendly place to do your laundry. Our Salem Avenue laundromat is different from the competition because we care about you! Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We are in business to make sure that you are happy, and that your clothes leave cleaner than they came.  High quality and cleanliness at all of our locations is very important to us, and work hard every day to improve our offering to you our loyal customer. Your happiness is our number one priority.


Some Amenities:

  • Card Operated
  • Full/Self-Serve
  • Laundry Carts
  • Folding Tables
  • WIFI
  • TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ample Parking
  • Vending Machines
  • Bill Exchanger
  • Outdoor Seating


Other Locations

Spot laundromat takes pride in offering our customers a variety of laundromats to choose from, so if you are looking for a more basic, self-service experience feel free to check out one of our other Spot locations.


Nearby Businesses

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Blog Spot

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Customer Input

We love our customers and absolutely thrive on your feedback (both positive and negative) that’s why we encourage you to like us on Facebook and give us your reviews on Google. Your information is what allows us to know when there is a problem and when you are really satisfied.