Bleach Tip

Bleach Tip 1- When using Clorox Regular Bleach2 always place it into the same wash...
Bleach Tip

Bleach tips to keep your towels white

Bleach Tip 1-

When using Clorox Regular Bleach2 always place it into the same wash cycle with the detergent. This bleach tip will give you the best results and a brighter SPOT clean !!


Tip 2

If your washer has a bleach dispenser, it’s best to use it to dispense the bleach. Why? Because it will dispense the bleach at the proper time. And it will take the guesswork out of how and when to use the bleach.


Bleach Tip 3

The chemical compound of bleach can actually be killed in hot water, but Clorox Regular Bleach2 works best for stain removal when used in hot water with detergent. We aren’t going to get into all of the chemical details about bleach in this article, but trust us that this is the best way to whiten and brighten your laundry.


Tip 4

Always pour a cup of water through the bleach dispenser before washing your dark clothes. This will help to avoid bleach spots where they don’t belong. This is especially important in a laundromat.


Non-Chlorine Bleach

  • Safest to use with colors, but if you aren’t sure, test a small non-visible area of the laundry for colorfastness.
  • Safer for use on upholstery and other fabrics.
  • Does not have the same antibacterial properties as chlorinated bleach.
  • Not as toxic as chlorinated bleach.

Chlorine Bleach

  • Not safe with colors, and used to whiten.
  • Best for disinfecting and sanitizing.
  • Make your own disinfecting solution. Add 1/3 of a cup of Clorox Disinfecting Bleach2 (concentrated) to 1 gallon of water.
  • Harder on the environment than non-chlorine bleach


Remember that Clorox is just a brand of bleach and they make both chlorine and non-chlorine bleach. So be sure to check the label before purchasing to understand which product you are getting.





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