Free From Laundry

Oh, To Be A Kid Again Kids, they pack up the books for a whole...
Free From Laundry

Oh, To Be A Kid Again

Kids, they pack up the books for a whole summer. Or rather, they throw their backpack on the couch at the beginning of summer and we pack up the books. They’re free from schedules, routines, and homework. Shoes are optional; ice cream is not.

Man locked in a cubicle dreaming of freedomReclaim That Summer Ahhh.

I firmly believe one of the greatest wake-up calls of being an adult, is that first summer where you do not have a summer break. When the summer days begin to feel just like all other days, you know you’ve arrived. But how can you reclaim some of that summertime fun just for YOU? Read on as Spot shows you how to be free from laundry so that you too can get a summer break.


free from laundry, child eating ice cream cone

Really, Really Dirty Laundry

Laundry in the summer is worse than the rest of the year. Sweat, grass stains, popsicles, ice cream, marshmallows, pine sap and more. I mean, whoever decided that we should wear light-colored clothes in the summer must not have been a parent. When ice cream cones are dripping and puddle jumping is permissible laundry is the last thing that you should have to think about.




free from laundry child with muddy hands

Memories Of Summer Fun

One of my favorite memories is of our family’s 4th of July celebration a few years ago. Bicycles and tricycles circled the driveway as the kids tried to “miss” the gigantic mud puddle in the middle. In a rush to keep up with the big kids, my nephew pushed his tricycle pedals as fast as they could go right through the puddle. As muddy water sprang up and splashed all down over him and his tricycle, we all watched his Mom’s face as she just smiled and tried to pretend like it was no big deal.




kids in mud, free from laundry

Making Clean-Up Easy

Unfortunately, taking the garden hose to his clothes wasn’t going to have quite the same effect as it would to his tricycle.




summer vacation tip. Free from laundry

This summer, SPOT is going to help you reclaim your childhood freedoms! It’s your turn to eat ice cream worry-free (no counting calories allowed).


toss your dirty laundry into a bag or basket and drop off at Spot Laundromats.

This summer when you go camping or to the beach, don’t drag 17 loads of laundry home and spend 3 days locked in the laundry room.



Image result for scented trash bags

Instead, take a roll of trash bags with you, scented ones, if you prefer. To help easily distinguish the dirty laundry from the trash, buy a different color bag just for the laundry. Then, as you pack up, simply toss all dirty laundry into a trash bag. Stop by SPOT on your way home, and drop off the dirty laundry. We have locations in Hagerstown, Martinsburg, and Frederick.


Camping equipment in the trunk of a vehicle

Just imagine, by the time you’ve wrestled two coolers of food, a bunch of tired, dirty kids, and 5 bicycles out of the car, Spot will have your laundry neatly folded, and packaged for you.



It’s really that simple. You don’t even have to sort it by color, by type, or by worst stains! We’ll do that for you. Spot loves doing laundry and will be happy to take care of any special requests. Just ask us about detergent, bleach, or folding vs. hanging.



Family having ice cream cones together at park

Be Free From Laundry!

Free to eat the ice cream, free to jump through the mud puddle, free to wipe the S’Mores off your fingers and onto your jeans. Free from “don’t get your clothes dirty” and “watch, it’s going to drip.” Free to just enjoy the smiles, the silliness, the time together without the worry of the work it might make. Be a kid again, be free from the laundry. Completely FREE!

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