Ironing – 5 Ways To Say No

5 Ways To Say No To Ironing For the life of me, I can't understand...
Ironing – 5 Ways To Say No

5 Ways To Say No To Ironing

How to say no to ironing!For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone loves to iron, but believe it or not, there are people like that out there. Yes, some people just really and truly enjoy the entire ironing process. I met a lady one time who even ironed her blue jeans. No kidding (no offense meant to the ironing experts out there)!

To me, it’s equal to watching paint dry. It’s painfully slow and is not entirely necessary. Although I agree, there are some things that just look better after they’ve been ironed. Nevertheless, it’s my goal in this month’s blog Spot, to help you have an iron-free year.

No Iron Option 1 –


I made this number one because it is the most obvious, just don’t buy anything that needs to be ironed. But, if it’s too late for that and you already have a growing stack of ironing in your laundry room, you have three options. You can either donate it to someone who loves to iron, hire someone to iron it for you, or just keep reading. Believe me, there is still hope for you.


No Iron Option 2 –


Try steam, they make these handy little steamers that miraculously pull the wrinkles out of that must-have dress or shirt.



No Iron Option 3 –

Shake out your laundry before you dry it. Seriously, taking those tangled clothes directly from the washer and tossing them into the dryer, will only guarantee you one thing. You’ll need to iron or re-wash even your t-shirts. If you want other tips like this, just check out our FAQ page.



No Iron Option 4 –


Use a fabric softener of some sort. The softener does much more than just make your clothes smell nice. It also keeps the fabric from being hard and crunchy.

We suggest that you might want to try Downy’s wrinkle guard which guarantees all-day in-wear wrinkle protection.



No Iron Option 5 –

Don’t over-dry the laundry. Not only is it hard on your wallet, but it is also hard on the fabric.

Stop the dryer while the clothes are just slightly damp, and press them flat on a table or other hard surface.



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