Laundromat Open On Holidays

Laundromat Open on Holidays We have so many people asking us whether Spot's laundromat is...

Laundromat Open on Holidays

We have so many people asking us whether Spot’s laundromat is open on holidays that I want to start by saying, YES! Spot laundromat is always open on holidays. In fact, Spot’s laundromats are open 7 days a week 365 days a year. But this question started me thinking about the clothing that we wear on our favorite holidays. Most of you will probably be wearing some sort of stripes, checks or gingham. And the sharp contrast of light and dark on these holiday favorites makes them tricky to launder.


Spot's laundromats are always open on Holidays!


I’ve always wondered what was the correct way to wash striped or polka dot clothing. Are they lights, darks, brights, or whites? I know for a fact that I’ve never done it right. Most of the time my favorite striped shirt is dingy on the third or fourth wear. So, I went to the Spot experts and asked them for their advice.

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Tip 1 – Sort By Colors

So this is a little weird because we just finished saying that they weren’t really lights or darks, but a combination of both. So how do you sort by color then? Well, let’s just say that you need to put like colors together, and you don’t want to ever throw this laundry in with your jeans or towels. They may even need to be washed all by themselves.


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Tip 2 – Cold Water Please

Our ultimate goal here is to keep the dark colors from bleeding into the light colors. We want to keep the brights, bright and the whites, white. So cold water is a must for washing any of these beloved prints. Hot water will remove the dye from your darks, and once it’s out of the fabric it will most likely transfer onto the white part of the clothing.


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Tip 3 – Use Color Catchers

So even though you use cold water you still may have some color bleed. This is where color catchers come in handy. Color catchers are little sheets of magic that you toss in on top of your wash. These nifty little items work hard to absorb any excess die that may seep into the wash or rinse cycles. Remember, the goal here is to keep the white part of your laundry white.


Tip 4 – Stains and Holiday Laundry

So you just got ketchup and baked beans on your striped shirt. Don’t panic, nowadays there are plenty of color-safe stain treatments out there. We recommend that you reach for the Shout and pre-treat the stain as quickly as possible, then simply wash as usual. Remember, that with stains, the quicker you can tackle them the better they will come out. And never dry it before it is completely removed.


Tip 5 – Let Spot Do It For You

If you don’t want to deal with all of these steps, just drop off your laundry at Spot. Our drop-off services are usually closed on holidays, but we keep a good list of our holiday hours posted on our hour’s¬†page.

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