Laundry Symbols Simplified

Laundry Symbols Simplified Laundry symbols seem so hard to remember and and even harder to...

Laundry Symbols Simplified

Laundry symbols seem so hard to remember and and even harder to understand, almost like something from another world. Yet, they are a vital part to help extend the life of your favorite laundry. In this article, we will give you some easy ways to remember the symbols so that you can decipher them at a glance.




Drying SymbolsDrying Symbols

Just remember that the drying symbols look like the front of your dryer, with the door open. These laundry symbols simply show you whether to dry or not. They are quite elementary to remember either dry or x don’t dry. However, the hang, flat or wring symbols may not be quite so familiar to you. Just remember that the hang dry symbol shows a lip as if the item is draped over a clothesline, and the flat symbol you could remember because of the flat line. The don’t wring symbol is pretty self explanatory.




Washing Laundry Symbols

Washing Symbols

These symbols represent a washer tub of water. They are relatively simple to remember. The “machine wash” laundry symbol has water in the tub, and the “hand wash” symbol shows a hand in the tub. The x means that you don’t want to put the item into the water at all, so do not wash.

The dry clean symbol is a little harder to understand, but you may think of the basic circle as the front of your hair blow dryer. Which can help you remember to that it is to be DRY cleaned only. Of course, when the dryer symbol is crossed out it should not be dry cleaned.


Temperature Laundry SymbolsTemperature Symbols

Now that you know the washer tub symbol and the dryer drum symbol, understanding the temperature symbol is easy as 1,2,3. One dot is cold, two dots is warm and three dots is hot.

Knowing the laundry symbols is a helpful resource. As a matter of fact, Spot always suggest that you look at the symbols before you buy an item. After all, you may not want to buy it if it will be difficult to clean.


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