Register Your Laundry Card

Register Your Laundry Card For Security Reasons If you've ever loaded money onto your Spot...

register your Spot laundry card

Register Your Laundry Card For Security Reasons

If you’ve ever loaded money onto your Spot laundry card, and then lost it on the way home, you know why it’s so important to register your laundry card right away.


If your card is not registered, and you lose that card, your money will be gone forever. There is absolutely no way for Spot to recover it for you.


That’s why we decided to make sure that customers knew how important this was and to show them how to do it, because we don’t want them to lose their hard earned money.



How To Register Your Laundry Card

  1. Go to your local Spot Laundromat
  2. Locate the currency station and the laundry card kiosk. (See photo above)
  3. Insert card into the kiosk and follow the on screen instructions to add your name, phone and email to your laundry card.


swipe your laundry card to register it

What If I Lose My Laundry Card?

Life happens and so do lost laundry cards. Now that your card is registered, if you do lose it you can simply report it to Spot and along with your name and email, they will be able to transfer that balance onto a brand new laundry card. You can either email, call or fill out a form to report a missing card.


To check the balance on your laundry card visit them online at

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