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DON'T FORGET OUTERWEAR CARE You've washed your pants, and your shirt after wearing them just...


You’ve washed your pants, and your shirt after wearing them just one time, but what about your coat, hat, gloves and scarves? If you’re like me, these garments go uncared for except maybe once a year. But in this month’s blog we want to share Spot’s outerwear care tips so that you can safely enjoy winter anywhere.



Young kind in red hat and gloves. Snowy day.Let’s face it, our winter outerwear gets a ton of use, both good and bad. Gloves cannot be removed by kids without the use of teeth. Noses cannot be wiped effectively with mittened hands, and whether it’s running up the sled riding hill 20 times in a day or shoveling out the driveway, your outerwear needs care too. When we were kids, our gloves hung on nails beside the wood stove and our coats hung on pegs under the basement steps. They were sure to be warm and cozy the next time we ran outside to sled ride and play with the dogs, but washing them was not a regular event.




So, what should I be doing? Yes, you should be caring for your outerwear. Let’s face it, coats are not as cheap as a t-shirt. And although, the thought of washing them is a bit intimidating, never fear. Here are some tips to keep them looking great for years to come.


Start with the tag, and if you don’t know how to read the tag, download our care guide onto your phone. Follow the tag care directions. Don’t attempt to wash dry clean only items in a washer with water! There are dry clean at home kits available for purchase now. These can be great at removing surface stains, deodorizing, and wrinkles. However, for deep cleaning, you will need to visit a professional dry-cleaning service.





  1. The number one rule of thumb in washing outwear is to play it cool and go slow. A lot of the fabrics in outwear will shrink and colors may run if washed in hot water or dried on a high setting, but surprisingly you can wash a lot of this stuff at home; even down jackets or wool sweaters! And learn to read the tag.
  2. For jackets or coats, wash in cold water with a light detergent on a gentle cycle adding an extra wash cycle to remove all soap or residue.
  3. Another word of warning; do not overload your washer. Front load washers are a bit gentler on items like these or you can bring it to SPOT for one of our oversized washers. Always remember to zip your zippers to keep them intact and to protect your washer.
  4. Lastly, throw them in the dryer on low heat, gentle cycle. You want them to be cool, but not damp when they’re finished drying.
  5. For sweaters, wash gentle and cold and don’t add fabric softener or bleach. Make sure to air dry by lying flat.
  6. Is your hood looking matted or your sweater bunched? Take a soft bristled hair brush to it to fluff it back to life.





There are many different types of fabrics to consider. Here are a few tips that should be helpful.

  • Leather & Faux Leather: Rub a small amount of saddle soap on a clean cloth and rub into the exterior of the glove. For the interior, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda inside to deodorize and then lightly spritz with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect.
  • Cotton: Machine wash in cold water and air dry.
  • Waterproof: Spray the outside with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to disinfect, wiping off any excess. Sprinkle the inside with baking powder to deodorize.
  • Wool: Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle and then air dry.
  • Thinsulate: Hand wash. Do not wring, but roll in a towel to remove excess water then air dry.




If you would rather have fun instead of doing laundry, simply drop it off and let Spot do it for you. It’s no more expensive than buying a bucket of chicken or ordering a pizza, and here is a list of just a few things that you can do while we do the laundry.

So, go ahead, you’ve got this. Eat s’mores, around the bonfire, with confidence. There’s no mess you can’t master!

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