Fabric Care

Fabric Care Marie Kondo is Tidying Up the whole world right now teaching us to...
Fabric Care

Fabric Care

Marie Kondo is Tidying Up the whole world right now teaching us to look over our items and only keep the ones that bring us joy. As I walked into my closet this morning, I thought, I would only end up with florals and pastels then. Winter is monochromatic out my window and, in my home, and in my closet, but spring brings tulips and lilies and daffodils and floral prints and spring bling. So this month we are talking to you about fabric care for spring.


We’ve let sweaters air dry on our dining room tables long enough, let’s enjoy the lightweights of Spring.

As I sit here on the floor of my closet looking over my spring things, there are a couple things we need to address in the area of fabric care.

Fabric colors beautiful women1 – Fabric color matters

The first thing you’ll want to do in sorting that spring laundry is to sort by color. You’ve waited several months to pull out that floral print, don’t get it dingy by washing it with blue jeans. The other thing to be aware of is fabric type. I found two fabrics were the mainstays in my spring wardrobe, cotton, and polyester. The cotton can be machine washed on low heat, with a normal cycle and dried on a low setting. The polyester though can help you embrace that spring sunshine, it’s best to line dry or air dry this material. Try not to wash the two together as the heavier fabric will stress the more delicate.

Young woman in a romantic dress enjoying in the field

2 – Spring Bling, washable?

The other thing that comes with spring is bling. I have a dress in my closet that’s a floral print with sparkle dust sewn into it and delicate little beading. There is no washer made for it, there is no dry cleaner that it should see, but it requires a little TLC. When it comes to garments with beading, your best bet is to hand wash and let it dry on a hanger. Before you begin washing though, take a quick look over the garment and tighten or repair any loose beading. Then turn it inside out to wash it to better protect the beading.

Fabric composition label on gray cloth as a background

3 – Materials matter

One last thing for spring, perhaps your closet has silk instead of polyester. If that’s the case, don’t machine wash it. Check the label. If it says, “Dry Clean Only,” dry clean only. However, if it simply says, “Dry Clean,” you may be able to get away with a hand wash. Test it first by blotting it with a cotton swab soaked in detergent and water. If the fabric bleeds onto the swab, dry clean only, but if not, you can simply hand wash it. Don’t pretreat stains on silks though as that may lead to discoloration in that spot.

spring bling fabric care

So, yes, embrace your inner Kondo and keep the things that bring you joy, but you don’t have to throw out that favorite dress, or blouse, or jumpsuit that you never wear cause you just don’t know how to clean it. Wear it bravely to the Easter egg roll and know that you can handle whatever life brings and Spot is here to help!

Do you still have a question about a fabric type? Ask us on our Ask Spot page.

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