Saving Money

Saving Money Is So Easy If you are like me, saving money is not only...
Saving Money

Saving Money Is So Easy

If you are like me, saving money is not only wise, but it is also fun. This month’s blog will show you some fun easy ways to save you some green at the laundromat.



Nothing You Can’t Do

heart of soap bubbles I may be dating myself on this one, but I love the episode in the first season of Friends when Rachel learns to do laundry for the first time.

The spoiled little rich girl has moved to the big city and, seeking a career in fashion, must learn how to keep all those 90s overall shorts clean.

She says, “I know this is gonna sound really stupid, but I feel that if I can do this, you know – if I can actually do my own laundry, there isn’t anything I can’t do.”

Rachel and Ross head to the laundromat and as her first load washes, she feels so strong, independent and capable, only to find out, when the load is done, that the whole load is now pink due to one red sock.


Tips For Everyone

Rv parking sign

Now, before you check out on me if you don’t already use a laundromat regularly, you will. At some point in time, you will use a laundromat.

Whether it’s for four years as a college student, RV’ing across the country with your family or your washer blew up over the holidays. At some point in time, you will visit the laundromat.

No matter how proficient you feel with your laundry at home, there are some things to be aware of to help you save money in a laundromat.

Saving Money Step #1

saving money at the laundromat by sorting your clothes at hoome

Sort at home (or in the dorm room or the RV) before you go to the laundromat (check out our blog on sorting). All of Rachel’s confidence was dashed to the ground because of one red sock. Not to mention, rushing at the laundromat could cost you hundreds in destroyed clothes.

In your own space, you will have more room to sort and less chance of being distracted by the person who’s eyeing your empty machine, you know, the one you set your detergent box on to claim. Come in prepared to do laundry with your loads already sorted.



Saving Money Step #2

Check your pockets and save money on clothes.

Look first!

You are not the only one who uses these machines.

Before you set anything, anywhere, double check the surface. You don’t need a coffee ring from someone else’s cup on your white sweater. You also don’t want to accidentally set a load of colors in a puddle of bleach.

Now look inside the washer and the dryer. If the last person left a pen in their wash, you’re about to tie-dye everything in your wardrobe. Or even worse, is their lipstick all over the inside of the dryer? Look before you leap!

Empty the lint trap to help keep the dryer running efficiently, and reduce drying time. We encourage people to do this before they leave too, but it’s always good to check it before you start.

Finally, check your pockets your goal is to find your missing tube of chapstick, daughter’s cell phone and all of those tissues before they get washed. We put up signs to remind you to do this, but just in case you don’t see the signs we thought we’d throw in this tip for free.




Saving Money Step #3

Don't wash on high heat or you may shrink your clothes.

Go low and slow. Laundry is like scrambling eggs, turn the heat down. Spot’s commercial dryers run much hotter than home dryers, and our washers spin out your laundry more thoroughly making it dry even faster.

Shake out each piece before adding it to the dryer. It will help it dry faster and will keep it from wrinkling.

Load your dryer so that you can see the back half of the dryer. I know it’s tempting to double the heat, stuff it full of clothes and get it done faster, but you’ll waste more time and money in the long run. Two properly loaded dryers are cheaper than one overloaded dryer.




Saving Money Step #4.

Woman holding clothes in hands

Lastly, fold before you go. Breathe in, breath out, you’re almost done, but don’t just toss it all in a bag and throw it in your trunk. Take the time to fold it before you go, and it will actually look like you washed it when you wear it tomorrow. Just remember, check the surface of the folding table first! You don’t want to rewash anything.

So, don’t let one red sock ruin your “There isn’t anything I can’t do,” moment or your family’s vacation (hey, you wanted everyone to be in matching pink shirts for the pictures, right?) or the Ugly Sweater Christmas party. Whatever the circumstances, the laundromat does not have to be an intimidating place. Sit back, enjoy the smell of fabric softener and be confident. There isn’t anything you can’t do, and there really is gold at the end of the rainbow.

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