Grease And Laundry

Grease and Laundry Isn't Convenient We live in an age of convenience. When things are...
Grease And Laundry

Grease and Laundry Isn’t Convenient

We live in an age of convenience. When things are broken, we throw them away or we hire someone else to fix them. There’s freedom though in being able to do it yourself. Plus, there’s a pride of accomplishment and, you can’t deny, there’s a nice feeling at the end of the month when you look at your credit card statement. But grease and laundry aren’t convenient ever.


lawnmower in spring yardMy dad had a broken lawnmower a few years ago. He didn’t have the time to work on it, but the teenage neighbor asked if he could have it. He wanted to try to fix it. And you know what, he did! He spent the next few summers driving through the neighborhood mowing lawns with that old mower.



Grease On Your Clothes

Clothes Cost Money Too

If you’re like our neighbor and love to do it yourself, working on the car, lawnmower or tractor is only the first part of the work. The second battle comes in the laundry room after your equipment is running again. You don’t want to waste the money that you just saved, by tossing your clothes into the garbage. So what do we recommend? We’re glad you asked.



Image result for dawn is tough on grease

Dawn’s Not Just For Dishes

One laundry staple that you definitely need for all of those grease jobs is Dawn dish soap. Pre-treat all grease spots with Dawn, and gently rub it into the fabric. Then, place into the hottest water you have, and allow to soak. The hot water opens up the fabric and allows the oils to release. Dawn really is tough on grease after all.

Once you have soaked the clothes, drain and then wash in OxiClean and Tide (follow package directions for quantity) on a long wash cycle in a high-quality machine as you’ll find at our Spot laundromats.  Once again use hot water and a couple of rinses to be sure to get all of the grease out.




grease stained t-shirt

Check Out The Stain

Don’t throw it in the dryer just yet, you don’t want to dry greasy clothes as they may become combustible. Let it air dry or line dry for a while to see if the stain is gone because if the stain is not completely removed, the dryer will make it permanent. Once the item has dried enough to see the stained area clearly, check to see if it’s gone completely. If so, you can dry it as normal, if not, try an overnight soak in Dawn and then repeat the steps above.




oil on the driveway

Now you can tinker in the garage, putter in the driveway, make a mess and save yourself money on clothes too. And when a co-worker asks you, “So, what did you do last night?” You can answer, “I changed my oil, checked the fluids, and gave my car a tuneup.” Besides, it sounds so much better than, “I binge-watched Netflix for 3 hours.”

Um, just don’t ask me how to get grease stains out of your driveway?


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