Wash To Win

Wash To Win! So I spent my weekend going through piles of medical bills and...
Wash To Win

Wash To Win!

Woman wishing her ship would come in. So I spent my weekend going through piles of medical bills and organizing them into neat little stacks. As if that would somehow magically make them all go away. But, unfortunately, they were all still there when I checked this morning, and still very real. As you know, bills don’t just go away, and there may be more when I get home tonight. Spot understands that very well. After all, they have tons of their own bills each day.

So last week, I reached out to Justene Clark (President of Spot Laundromats) to get some ideas from her on how you can save money and still get your laundry done. She was excited to tell me all about their Wash To Win program. In her own words “I get so excited when I see customers win!”.


Wash to win winner, man with laundry basket

How Wash To Win Works

So now that you know that Spot really does care about you and your ever-growing stack of bills, let me tell you how the wash to win program works. At our 3 Spot Full-Service locations, you will get a snazzy laundry card. Don’t lose this! It’s the same as cash.


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Card Registration Does Matter

Be sure to register it right away with your name, and contact info. Registering your card is important because, if you do lose it and don’t register it, Spot will have no way to refund you the amount on the card or close out the card. What does that mean? You just lost a bunch of money, and well, I know you don’t have money to give away.


Spot Laundromat Laundry Card Use

Winning Is A Breeze

After that, it’s easy to win. Just use your laundry card for washing your clothes, and you’ll earn points for every wash that you do. When you reach 500 points, that’s it! You’ve won, and we will automatically add a $5.00 bonus to your card. You can use that bonus on all washing and drying of future loads of laundry. It never expires!


Spot Laundromat's Currency Exchange Center

Next time you are at Spot, check your points online or at the currency exchange center. And, if you don’t have a card, you can get one there too. Need help? Ask an attendant to help you get one today.


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