Laundry Mat Near Me

Laundry Mat or Laundromat Many people search for laundry mat but in return Google shows...

Audrey Hepburn at an automat. Laundry Mat

Laundry Mat or Laundromat

Many people search for laundry mat but in return Google shows them listings of laundromats. It’s natural to think that a place to do laundry is a mat. However, there never was really such thing as a laundry mat.

As a matter of fact, originally in the 1930s they were known as washaterias. However, in the 1940s George Pendray (A Westinghouse Employee) coined the term of  laundromat  from a combination of two words. The words laundry and automat (A fast food restaurant served by vending machines) were joined into the term we know today as laundromat.


Laundry Mat Near Me

Spot laundry mat offers a wide variety of spotlessly clean laundromats to choose from. With convenient locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia you can find a laundromat near you.

Our locations offer a wide variety of perks and benefits. From our loyalty programs to our social media contests. Each location offers folding areas, indoor and outdoor seating, ample off-street parking, vending machines, wifi, tvs, air conditioning. You’ll also find our laundry services a real time-saver.

Our hours of operation vary by location but we have several locations that are open 24/7. And our laundromats never take a break on holidays. When you need to do laundry, you can spot a location near you.

Laundry Services

Try our drop and run service which is great for those items you don’t want to have folded and need in a hurry. Our wash, dry and fold service is a real time saver. Drop off dirty laundry and pick up clean, fresh folded laundry.


Our Laundromat Locations Near You



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