How Often Should I Launder It?

If you are wondering, how often should I launder that piece of clothing or blanket,...

If you are wondering, how often should I launder that piece of clothing or blanket, then this article is the spot for you. Since a lot of people have been wondering the exact same thing, we decided to write this article. I mean, with all of this pandemic stuff going on, germs are at the top of our minds.


How Often Should I Launder It?How Often Should I Launder Bed Sheets?

Launder your bed sheets at least once a week. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh scent of clean sheets each week, but this weekly process gets rid of all of the dead skin cells, germs, hair and so on that have built up on there all week. If you have an illness, we recommend that you wash them more frequently.



How Often Should I Wash Bedskirts and Comforters?

Bedskirts and comforters don’t require the frequent cleaning that sheets do, but you definitely need to keep them clean. After all, they do a lot of hard work keeping dust from settling onto your sheets and under your bed. So, how often should I launder bedskirts and comforters? At least once a quarter.

Spot does recommend that you use their large washers to ensure that your comforters always look their best.



When Do I Need To Wash Throw Pillows?

The throw pillows in your home may get a lot of use or they may strictly be for decoration. But whatever their purpose is, Spot recommends that you at least launder them once a quarter. Depending on their use though you may want to do a weekly wash. If you can get zippered covers, that’s even better because you can launder them as often as you want.



How often should I wash bath towels

How Often Should I Launder Bath Towels?

Launder bath towels 2 to 3 times a week. Even though you may be clean when you get out of the tub or shower, towels hanging in a bathroom to dry, will collect germs and dust from the air. So we still recommend frequent washing.



How Often Should I Launder Bras?

Once again, depending on their use, wash bras at least once a week. Of course, if you are doing a lot of sweating, launder them just like your other clothes. To help preserve their life, wash them in a delicate laundry bag.


And as always, be sure to follow the label’s instructions before laundering anything. And if it says dry clean only, then by all means, dry clean it only.


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