Men And Laundry

A Salute To Men And Laundry June, the month where we celebrate dads, and more...
Men And Laundry

A Salute To Men And Laundry

June, the month where we celebrate dads, and more specifically we at Spot want to celebrate men and laundry. So while construction paper cards, crafts of popsicle sticks and hot glue will be made and presented by the younger members of the family. The older set will present ties and grilling items to you and Dads all over the country.

But at Spot, we are taking the time to salute you by taking a stroll down memory lane. Let’s reflect on the very important role that men had in making wash day much easier.



Before There Were Buttons

Woman doing laundry on a washboard Let’s face it, we complain about the laundry quite a bit. It seems that between the laundry, bills, dirt, and the dishes, there’s always a pile of something waiting to be done. So while my major grievance with laundry is the folding and the putting away (thankfully Spot will even fold it for me), the actual washing and drying process is now very simple. Thus simplicity was made possible with the push of a button.


The Old New

wringer washer

There have been many inventors and patentors of laundry machines over the years. I was fascinated to discover that the first washing machines were sort of like our front load washers, something that seems to have gained popularity only in recent years. Even as early as 1851, James King created a crank drum that sat sideways in a tub of water and you had to hand-crank it to turn it through the water. Very similar to how our modern front load washers work today! It sort of reminded me of rolling down the windows in our cars in the 80s.


Washing Machines Come Home

william blackstone washing machine

Although, my favorite inventor was William Blackstone. In 1858, he built the first home-style washing machine. This washer had a tub for washing and a ringer for “spinning” the clothes out. It’s very similar in design to the ringer washers you may have seen or used in the 70s. But what really makes him stand out in history, was why he built it. This invention was a birthday present for his wife, a labor of love. A gift not motivated by marketing or technology; just a husband thoughtfully helping to lighten the load in their home together.


Lightening The Load

thank you dad

And that’s why we salute you, dads; for all the times and all the ways that you thoughtfully help to lighten the load. Thanks for working late to provide for your families, and coming home from work tired, but still finding time to play silly games. For running us to football and soccer and volleyball and cheer and so many other places. And for throwing in a load of smelly clothes at the end of the day to make sure you can do it all again tomorrow.

So, excuse the lame gifts and silly cards, we really do see all of your hard work and truly thank you for lightening the load!

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