Homestyle Washer vs Laundromat

Homestyle Washer vs Laundromat Here are five reasons why a homestyle washer vs laundromat means...

Homestyle Washer vs Laundromat 5 Reasons a laundromat is the winner every time.

Homestyle Washer vs Laundromat

Here are five reasons why a homestyle washer vs laundromat means the laundromat wins.


1 – Time Savings Are Huge

Using a laundromat is a huge time saver for several reasons. One – the washers and dryers are large meaning you can wash an entire week’s worth of laundry in one load. Two, because the washers spin with incredible force, they remove much more water than your homestyle washer ever could. This ultimately speeds up the drying time.


2 – Save Money on Utilities

If your water and energy bill is high, then a homestyle washer and dryer will only add more to them. Plus, most newer laundromats like Spot & SuperSuds use energy efficient equipment too. So you are doing the planet a favor by using a laundromat.


3 – Keep Your Home Cleaner

Laundry is dirty, and that’s why you need to wash it. Besides that, the process of washing and drying creates a natural amount of lint and dust. As a result, by using the laundromat, you keep all of this dirt out of your home. Plus there is no lint trap to clean out, nor washer to clean.


4 – Save Money On Service Fees

Maintaining your own laundry equipment sometimes requires heavy lifting, and definitely routine service. After all, drains get clogged, lint builds up and water pipes leak. All of this can add up to costly repair and service calls.


5 – Easily Wash Large Items

Homestyle washers and dryers could never, ever fit a king size mattress topper, or even a pair of pillows. However, drop off your laundry at the laundromat and let them wash it for you. After all, they have the equipment needed to make this job easy! We recommend a laundromat for all bulky items. Even if you still use your homestyle for other laundry, taking the bulky items to a laundromat will save years on wear and tear.


Homestyle Washer Vs Laundromat

So now you have 5, really good, reasons why a homestyle washer vs a laundromat, makes the laundromat the winner every time.

  1. Time Saving Benefits Every Week
  2. Save Money on Utility Bills
  3. Keep Your Home Cleaner
  4. Eliminate Service Appointments and Fees
  5. Wash Large Items with Ease

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