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Spot Help After Hours

Where can I get Spot help after hours?

In a hurry

Call us 866-682-7768   or  Message us

No hurry

Email us at  (we usually respond within 24 business hours)




Where can I request a refund?

It’s easy to request a refund from Spot Laundromats. Just fill out this form, and we will get you your refund.




Where do I report an issue?

If you have an issue you can report it to us in several ways.

Call – 866-682-7768



Fill out a form.




Where can I ask a laundry related question?

Spot has a webpage just for this very purpose. If you want to know how to do something laundry related simply fill out the form on our Ask Spot page and Spot’s laundry experts will be sure to get you an answer.

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