How do I start a coin operated washer?

Start a Coin Operated Washer Step 1 Before you start a coin-operated washer, Spot recommends...

Check for unwanted objects in washer first.

Start a Coin Operated Washer

Step 1

  • Before you start a coin-operated washer, Spot recommends that you first check your washer to make sure there is nothing left from the previous customer, look for dirt in the washer, and any damage that needs to be brought to our attention.
  • Load your clothes into your selected washer, do not overload the machine or your clothes will not wash/rinse properly.
    • A Spot Tip – To make sure there is enough room to fit your fist in past the door or enough room for a football to sit on top of your clothes.

Step 2

  • If you wish to use detergent pod packs, go ahead and put the desired amount in on top of your clothes. Do not put these into the soap dispenser.
  • For liquid or powder detergent and softener? See the bin at the top of the washer to add your items accordingly as marked.


Step 3

  • Close to start a  coin-operated washer shut and latch the door and make sure nothing is caught in the door trim, or the washer could leak once started.
    • (You can not open the washer door once the cycle has been purchased.)
  • Select the temperature you want to wash with and make any selections for extra wash or extra rinse if you desire. This will change the price of the display.
  • If you approve of the price, simply insert the correct amount of quarters into the coin drop on the right-hand side of the machine. Allow a few seconds for each quarter to drop. Make sure that no coin jams occur. When the correct amount of money is inserted the machine will start.
  • Once the wash cycle begins, it will give you a reading of the estimated time left on your wash.

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