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How do I start a card operated washer?

Card Operated Washer Step 1

  • We recommend that you first check your card-operated washer to make sure there is nothing left from the previous customer, look for dirt in the washer and any damage that needs to be brought to our attention.
  • Load your clothes into your selected washer, do not overload the machine or your clothes will not wash/rinse properly.
    • A Spot Tip is to make sure there is enough room to fit your fist in past the door or enough room for a football to sit on top of your clothes.

Step 2

  • If you wish to use detergent pod packs, go ahead and put the desired amount in on top of your clothes. Do not put these into the soap dispenser.
  • For liquid or powder detergent and softener? See the bin at the top of the washer to add your items accordingly as marked.


Step 3

  • Close the card-operated washer door and make sure nothing is caught in the door trim, or the washer could leak once started.
    • (You can not open the washer door once the cycle has been purchased.)
  • Select the temperature you wish to wash with and make any selections for extra wash or extra rinse if you desire. This will change the price of the display.
  • If you approve of the price, simply slide your card in the card reader on the right-hand side, arrow in. Allow a few seconds to pass for the card reader to communicate with the machine.
  • When directed, press the green start button.
  • Once your cycle begins, it will give you a reading of the estimated time left on your wash.

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