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How do I start a card operated dryer?

Start a Card Operated Dryer Step 1

  • Before you start a card-operated dryer, Spot recommends that you first check it to make sure there is nothing left from the previous customer, also look for dirt and any damage that needs to be brought to our attention.
  • Load your clothes into your selected dryer, do not overload the machine or your clothes will not dry and will cost you a lot of money.
    • A Spot Tip is to make sure that your wet laundry allows you to see the top half of the back of the dryer.
    • Air is what will dry your clothes so you need to have plenty of room for airflow. 2 properly loaded dryers are cheaper than one overloaded dryer.

Step 2

  • If you wish to use fabric softener sheets, toss them in at this point.
  • Keep in mind, towels and jeans take longer to dry than most of your other clothes so it is best to separate them.

Step 3

  • Close the card-operated¬†dryer¬†door and make sure nothing is caught in the door trim.
  • Insert your card into the card reader. Select the temperature you wish to dry with and choose the dry time. This will change the price of the display.
  • To add more time, re-insert your card when the dryer stops.
  • You can open the dryer door at any time during the dry cycle to check dryness.
  • That’s all that there is to it, now that you know how to operate a card-operated dryer, we’ll see you at the laundromat.

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