Eco Friendly Laundromat Tips

Eco Friendly Wash Day It’s your mission to save the earth and leave behind a...
Eco Friendly Laundromat Tips

Eco Friendly Wash Day

It’s your mission to save the earth and leave behind a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. In this month’s article, we give you some practical tips to help you reach your goals. These eco-friendly laundromat habits are a positive change you can make today.


eco friendly hot water wash

Use Less Hot Water

You’ve heard that hot water requires more electricity and ultimately makes laundry day a lot less eco friendly. If you want to use cold water instead, be sure to use only the best cold water detergents. Cold water detergents are designed specifically to break down and do their job in cold water. On the other hand, hot water detergents are designed to break down in hot water and can leave a negative buildup of proteins on your clothing if used in cold water.

Our top picks:


eco friendly pretreating stains

Always Pre-Treat Stains

Pre-treating stains means that you’ll spend a lot less time washing and re-washing your laundry. As a matter of fact, if you pre-treat before you leave for the laundromat, you’ll save yourself loads of time there too. Grab a spot treatment like ECOS and spray the underarms of all shirts, and any additional stains that you see. By spraying these just before you go to the laundromat, you’ll be able to wash the laundry as soon as you get there.

eco friendly properly loaded washer can fit a football on top of the load.

Choose the Right Size Machine

If you choose an 80 lb washer for 20 lbs of laundry, you are wasting water, time, and electricity. Plus, your clothes won’t get very clean. Likewise, if you choose a 20 lb washer for 80 lbs of laundry, you are also wasting time, water, and electricity. Either way, you are going through the motions but the machine can’t do its job because it has either too much or too little laundry inside.

Drying is the same way, so make sure that you choose the right size machine for your load. Four properly filled washers will do a much better and cheaper job than 1 overfilled or underfilled machine.

So what is the right way to fill a washer or dryer? A properly loaded washer should have enough room on top of the load to fit a football. While in a properly filled dryer, you will be able to see half of the holes in the back.

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