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Frederick, MD Laundromat Got Laundry? Live in Frederick, MD? Be sure to stop by a...

Woman in Frederick, MD uses Spot Laundromat for bulky laundry and comforter service.

Frederick, MD Laundromat

Got Laundry? Live in Frederick, MD? Be sure to stop by a Spot today, and we will even do your laundry, so you don’t have to! This affordable service will keep your bedding and your clothing looking like new.


Why Spot Laundromat?

Spot Laundromats is the cleanest chain of laundromats in the four-state area, and we’ve been doing laundry around here since 1991. Our facilities have state-of-the-art washers and dryers in a large variety of sizes. Try one of our spotlessly clean laundromats in Frederick, MD today! There are three convenient locations to choose from.


Wash & Fold Service In Frederick

Our attended laundromats offer wash and fold laundry services. With convenient same-day or next-day options. If your homestyle washer and dryer can’t handle that queen-size bedding, drop it off at Spot. We have extra large washers and dryers that will help keep your bedding looking great for even longer. Try our comforter cleaning services today.

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Don’t Miss Out

Embarrassed to have someone else do your dirty laundry? Don’t be. We love laundry and guarantee you privacy and respect. Just toss your laundry into a trash bag, box or laundry bag/basket, and let us weigh it for you. Tell us how you want it done, and we will do the rest. Have an allergy? Feel free to bring your own detergents and softeners. Laundry is what we do here and there is no need to miss out on this service. Plus, we guarantee it will be like Christmas every week when you use our laundry services.


Where Are You Located?


Spot NEW Loyalty Rewards program

Loyalty Program = Rewards

Introducing our all new loyalty program. Earn rewards just for doing your laundry at Spot. It’s really that simple.

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