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Hard Water Stains No More A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog talking...

how to whiten and remove hard water stains Hard Water Stains No More

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog talking about  well water and its effects on my white laundry. It seemed that nothing could keep my whites from turning yellow and bleach even seemed to make it worse. Well, recently my parents reminded me about a great product that will remove hard water stains from laundry, sinks, tubs, toilets etc… They said to try Iron Out, so while I’m not selling this product or even affiliated with it, here is how my experiment turned out.



iron out hard water stains removed before and after pictures

Where To Buy Iron Out

It had been so long since my whites looked white and my colors looked bright that my first stop, on the way home, was at the grocery store to grab a bottle of Iron Out. You can find it at most grocery stores in the cleaning section. Since it can be used on many other things, besides laundry, it is usually  found in the cleaning chemical department. You probably won’t find it in the laundry section.





iron out hard water stains removed before and after pictures

Hard Water Stains Actual Results

For my experiment I started with my white dish towels. They were pretty yellow as you can see in the picture above. I used a bucket and added hot water and the recommended amount of Iron Out. Mixed it and then added my dish towels. It really didn’t take too long, maybe an hour before they were bright white again. I dumped the entire bucket into the washing machine and then ran a regular cycle with a tide pod (No Oxi-clean please, more on this next).

Plus, because we had removed the minerals from the laundry it was also much softer than before which is an added bonus.




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Always Read First Before Removing Hard Water Stains

My first tip is to always read the instructions before you use a product. Unless of course, you want your jeans to look like the above. When I used OxiClean with the iron out, it bleached my jeans in spots. Sure enough, when I read the label on the bottle it was right there in black and white. So I strongly recommend that before you do anything, read the instructions first.


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