Laundry Mat Or Laundromat

Is it Laundry Mat or Laundromat? The debate is real, people everywhere are asking whether...

The first laundry mat became a laundromat from a Westinghouse washing machine

Is it Laundry Mat or Laundromat?

The debate is real, people everywhere are asking whether a spot to wash your laundry is a laundry mat or a laundromat. It’s really surprising the number of people who spell the word as laundramat or laundrymat. Although, no matter how you spell it, the words are all used to define a spot to do your laundry.


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Washateria or Laundry Mat?

While you may call it a laundromat, not everyone does. Washateria is yet another term that people use to describe a place to wash and dry their laundry. This term was first used in the southern part of the U.S. in the 1930s, and while we don’t know the details, it’s safe to say that washateria was derived from two words, wash and cafateria. Wash being the action and cafeteria being an industrial place to get food. Making a washateria an industrial place to wash clothes. However, while washateria was used locally, it didn’t become quite as popular as its sister term from the 1940s.


Westinghouse invented the Laundromat washing machine

 Laundry Mat or Laundromat?

Did you ever hear someone call a refrigerator a Frigidaire?  My grandmother used this term exclusively when referring to her refrigerator. As a matter of fact, the term Laundromat came into being exactly the same way. Laundromat was coined in the 1940s by Westinghouse as a type of washing machine. And yes, just like Fridgidaire,  Coke and Sanka (A term used to reference decaffeinated coffee), the machine’s popularity caused it to become the household name we all now use for laundromats.


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