Help I Washed My Microfiber With Fabric Softener

Microfiber cleaning cloths are some of the best cleaning tools you can arm your home...

Microfiber cleaning cloths are some of the best cleaning tools you can arm your home or business with. When they accidentally get tossed into the wash with towels or washcloths it can render them useless. Our microfiber tips today will help you salvage your favorite microfiber cleaning tools, and restore them so that they can be used once again.

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I’ve done it so many times, mistakenly tossed microfiber fabric into the wash with washcloths or bath towels. It’s so easy to miss them when sorting, and when you pull the load out of the dryer, only then do you find your favorite microfiber cloth stuck to a bath towel. Worst of all, it’s not only loaded with lint, but also has a coating of fabric softener which renders it useless.


Spot’s microfiber tip to avoid this situation is to give yourself a designated spot for dirty microfiber. This not only saves you time sorting but also spares you the restoring process mentioned below. Pro Tip! Spot suggests using a scrub bucket as a hamper too.

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Fabric Softener Rescue Microfiber Tips

But wait! Even if you did add fabric softener to your microfiber, don’t be too quick to toss it into the landfill. Spot suggests that you toss it into the wash with a load of blue jeans (Not stretch jeans though, see our article about puckers for more info on this.).


Be sure to use hot water, tide detergent, and then wash as usual. This works like magic. How? The friction from the firmer blue jean material will help dislodge any fuzz or stuck on debris. While the hot water will remove the fats added by the fabric softener.

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If you still aren’t sure of the best way to care for microfiber, just drop it off at Spot and let our experts take care of it for you.



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