Amount of Detergent

What Amount of Detergent Is Correct? If your laundry is extra dirty, do not use...
Amount of Detergent

How much laundry detergent should I use?

What Amount of Detergent Is Correct?

If your laundry is extra dirty, do not use extra detergent thinking that’s what it needs. It’s always best to use the recommended amount of detergent based on your load’s size and the type of detergent. Plus, adding a detergent booster like Oxi-clean will help get your laundry the SPOT clean you’re are looking for.

So where do you start? Choose your favorite detergent, and remember to try something new once in a while. Just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s the latest and greatest detergent that’s out there.

More isn’t always better

First, always read your detergent’s directions and follow them for the best results. Detergent works to remove dirt from the fibers of your laundry. If you put in too much detergent, there will not be enough friction for the water to work with the detergent. This will leave you with dirty clothes after the wash is done. And they may even be dirtier than when you started. So Spot recommends following the recommendations on the packaging.

The second negative aspect of having too much detergent is that the rinse cycle may not remove all of the detergents. This could cause burns on your fabric from a hot dryer or iron, skin irritations, and will ultimately shorten the life of the linen.

Third, HE machines are made to use HE detergent, and too much detergent of any kind could cause them to overflow. Of course, this overflow could cause damage to your home or the laundromat.

If your clothes are super dirty, rather than add more detergent, use a rinse cycle first. Once that is complete start with your wash cycle and add any detergent to help remove extra dirt from the wash cycle.


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