White Christmas In My Dreams

No Wash Is Created Equal All laundry has one thing in common, it's always there....

No Wash Is Created Equal

All laundry has one thing in common, it’s always there. Yes, those funny laundry memes usually make us laugh because they are so true! But, since laundry isn’t always washed the exact same way, it’s very tricky to tell you exactly how to achieve the whitest whites or the most stain-free clothes possible. So can you really have a white Christmas after all?


White Christmas bedroom decorWhile I am dreaming of a white Christmas, I know one fact is always true. For me, picture-perfect, snow-white tablecloths, and shirts or bedding just won’t happen. In my home’s washer it will always be yellow, or as my husband likes to say, taupe.


No Snow White Christmas

white christmas table setting

It may be hard to believe or accept this hard reality. But some of us just won’t ever be able to wash our whites and have them come out of the washer bright white. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of factors responsible, but for me and many others, in this case, the problem is well water.

White Christmas angry woman doing laundry

My well water turns everything yellow. And hot water, which you really need to make the Clorox bleach2 work, actually makes it much worse.  Nevertheless, no matter how well I know this, it’s always with high hopes that I wash my white sheets and towels. And without fail, I’m greeted with disappointing results every time.

yellowed white shirts after I do laundry

Yes, even those lovely blog articles all about whitening yellow laundry won’t ever work for me. I’ve even tried some, but it actually only made it much worse. Oh, and draping it over a green bush on a sunny summer day didn’t work for me either, just saying. But you can try if you are really bored.


Problem Solved

White Christmas Table Setting Spot Laundromats

If you’re like me and suffer from bad well water, what’s your solution? It’s simple when it gets dirty, take it to Spot laundromats. They will wash, dry and fold it neatly for you, and guarantee that it will still be white after they are done. So you see, you really can be dreaming of a white Christmas this year. Just take all of those whites to Spot laundromats, and let them do the dirty work for you. Plus you can go Christmas shopping while they do your laundry for you. After all, they do laundry so you don’t have to.

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