Coin or Card Laundromat

Coin or Card Laundromat Options It was one of my jobs as a kid to...
Coin or Card Laundromat

Coin or Card Laundromat Options

It was one of my jobs as a kid to count nickels, dimes, and quarters and stack them neatly into those paper sleeves. As a child it was fun, but as an adult well, I’ve got better things to do. Thank goodness that gone are the days of lugging a bag of change to the laundromat. Spot offers you 4 convenient locations that offer you the option to use your cash, coin, or card to pay. And three locations that remain coin only.  So whatever your preference is, we have the one that you want.


Do I Need Quarters

Spot Laundry Card An Easier Way To PayThe answer is no. The Salem Avenue, Mid-Atlantic Parkway, and Patrick Street Spots all use Spot laundry cards. You simply load the card with the dollar amount that you want and you’re ready to do laundry. It’s that easy.

And by using a laundry card you can now keep track of how much you spend each month/year on laundry. The budget will thank you. Plus, you get rewards for using Spot’s laundry card, and even your very own birthday bonus. To top it all, you can easily check the laundry card balance online.


Is My Spot Laundry Card Good At Every Spot?

Spot Laundromat Salem Ave. Exterior View

The Spot laundry card is valid only at the full-service Spot where it was originally set up. But great news! If you want to start using a different Spot, just email, message, or call us and we can transfer your balance to a different card.


I’ve Lost My Laundry Card?

Lost Spot Laundry Card

Treat your card like cash, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. We highly recommend that you set up your card completely at the beginning with your name, phone, and email. Honestly, we don’t use this data for anything but to help you. If you’ve lost your card, and you set it up properly, just call us at 866-682-SPOT and we can look up your information. Once we find you in the system we can transfer any balance you may have to a new card.


Can I get a Refund?

Spot Laundromat's Currency Exchange Center

Spot laundry card balances are non-refundable. But if you are leaving the area and you no longer need your card, we recommend that you use your balance on the vending machines. Our vending machines offer many options including candy, chips, snacks and laundry products, and reusable laundry bags.

You could also swap them with someone that you know who uses the Spot laundromats or even give them to someone who may be down on their luck right now.

If you are leaving Spot because you are not happy with us, please be sure to tell us about it so that we can work on a resolution. Email us at or leave us a review on Google.


I Love Apps, Do You Have An Option For Me?

You love apps and all things technology, and a wallet is super outdated. If that’s you, then you’ll want to visit our Virginia Avenue Spot location. This location offers you Huebsch pay. You simply download the app, add money, and start the washer/dryer right from your phone. An added bonus is that you can even check beforehand to see how many washers/dryers are available.


I Prefer Coins, Do I Have Options?

saving money at the laundromat


The great news is, yes you do have options. At Spot, if you don’t want another card in your wallet, simply visit one of our coin-operated laundromats.


So whether using your phone,  cash, coin, or card to pay, Spot’s got options for you. We hope that you’ll give them a try and let us know what you think.

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