Why Should I Use Your Laundry Service?

Why Should I Use Your Laundry Service? If you are wondering why should I use...

How can you benefit from Spot's laundry service? Woman throwing leaves. Why should I use your laundry services

Why Should I Use Your Laundry Service?

If you are wondering why should I use your laundry service, we’ve got a lot of great reasons for you! There are many benefits to a laundry service that you may never even have considered. Here are the top five.

  1. Time back in your day
  2. Extended laundry life
  3. No equipment hassles or maintenance
  4. Cleaner clothing
  5. Allergy care

1 – Do Things You Love

Laundry takes loads of time out of your day, week and life! If you consider even just 4 hours a week doing the family laundry, would equal 5 work weeks a year. So basically, if you drop off your laundry at a Spot near you, you can get a, much needed, five week vacation. What would you do with all that time?


2 – Extend Linen Life

We are the laundry experts. We know the right detergents, the right temperatures and use only the best equipment! With things like auto reversing and moisture sensing technology our equipment is much easier on your laundry. Making our laundry service an even better option for your family’s laundry.


3 – Cut Costly Repairs

In home laundry equipment can suffer from a wide array of problems and hazards. Washer drains get plugged and overflow, dryer vents can be a fire hazard. In fact, even just the most basic repair can be a major expense. Then there is the hard reality that your at home washer or dryer weren’t made to handle king sized comforters, pillows or rugs.

That’s where Spot’s laundry service makes life a breeze. Just stop, drop and run. We take care of all the equipment headaches for you.


4 – Have Cleaner Laundry

Our washers use commercial grade detergents and dispense just the right amount each time. Plus our large washers are designed to get your clothes spotless in no time.

At home washers can deal with things like hard water, iron stains, and chlorine problems. We take away all of that guesswork and give you the cleanest clean possible!



5 – Get Allergy Relief

If your family suffers from dust allergies, getting the laundry room out of your house is a big must. Laundry is dusty and the drying process creates dust. Not to mention sorting dirty laundry causes pollen, and dust to enter the air freely.

When you use our laundry services, we take that mess out of your home, and will even use the allergy friendly detergents and softeners that you provide.


There are so many reasons to use a drop off laundry service that we can’t mention them all here. So, take our word for it, 2 min drop off + 2 min pick up = more you time!


We do laundry so you don’t have to!

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