COVID-19 Best Laundry Practices

COVID-19 And Laundry Whether you think that all of this COVID-19 stuff is, not enough,...
COVID-19 Best Laundry Practices

COVID-19 And Laundry

Whether you think that all of this COVID-19 stuff is, not enough, ridiculous, super important, overkill, vital or whatever you think it is, the things that we have learned from this, most recent, deadly virus, is some laundry best practices that we all should be doing every day, anyway.

So whether you are fighting, the flu, common cold or COVID-19 in your home we wanted to share with you these common sense tips to help keep your family healthy.

COVID-19 Outdoor Clothing

covid 19 and laundry tips

Your coats, hats and gloves are the most neglected and well-worn laundry in your house. Why is this? Because somehow we think that just because we fed the cows, burned the trash, and worked in the garden for just a few hours we don’t need to wash that laundry. At Spot, we recommend that you wash your outdoor clothing just as often as you wear it out. A good rule of thumb is, if you leave the house with it on, then you should wash it when you come back in. And of course wash your hands after sorting or dealing with dirty laundry.

Do you want to know more about washing outdoor garments? Check out our blog post Outerwear Care.



Shoes Are So, Um, Necessary

Do you realize that you wear shoes out into parking lots where people have spit, threw up, sneezed, and coughed, or maybe worse. I mean we have all had gum or cigarettes stuck to the bottom of our shoes at some point, right? And who knows what that brown slimy stuff is that you just walked past. Not to mention the pet’s favorite potty section of the local park.

But then, we walk into our homes, kick off our shoes, pick them up with our hands and toss them into the closet, or even worse, we wear them into the house. It’s inevitable, shoes will get dirty, and we recommend that you wash them often if you can, using the tips found in our blog Washing Away Germs.  I don’t want to be an alarmist, but if you can’t wash the shoes, at least wipe the soles off with a disinfectant wipe. And of course, after you are done all of this, wash your hands.


Clothing Is A Must

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We know it, it’s essential. You have to wear clothes, and when you wear them you need to wash them. But I only wore that pair of pants 1 time. That’s great for you, but when you went into the doctor’s office and sat on the chair, you may have picked up the last guy’s cold germs. Or your nephew may have wiped his nose on your shoulder. Remember, just because you didn’t see it happen, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

It’s really simple, just treat the clothing that you wear as if it was dirty, and wash it following your tag’s guidelines for proper care. And of course, don’t forget about your blankets.


Crying kid at a laundromat

Now, we didn’t write this post to make you paranoid or panicky. We just wanted to make you think about the laundry that you may never have thought about. And to recommend that you use common sense, and follow laundry best practices to help keep your family and your home safe. But just in case you didn’t hear us say it before, always wash your hands after handling dirty laundry.

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