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How can I check my wash to win points?

How can I check my wash to win points? With our Salem Ave and Martinsburg...

How can I cancel my laundry card?

How can I cancel my laundry card? With our laundry cards, we do not provide...

How do I check my laundry card balance?

How can I check my laundry card balance? At our Salem Ave and Martinsburg location,...

How do I get a laundry card?

How do I get a Spot laundry card? At our 3 full-service Spot locations there...

Where is the nearest laundromat to me?

Where is the closest laundromat to you? We have 7 convenient locations. 268 Mid-Atlantic Parkway...

Accommodate Allergies Just For You

Does Spot Accommodate Allergies? Spot uses Tide, Snuggle, and bleach. But we really do care...

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Welcome to the Blog Spot!

The blog is an area of our website that was created just for you. Here you will find helpful laundry tips as well as expert advice from the CEO and President of Spot Laundromats. Each month our articles are filled with knowledge from the company’s years of experience. We want to educate you on how to do laundry because we love laundry and want to pass that passion onto you in this blog.


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Because this area is just for you we would love to know what you want to hear about! Email, Call or Facebook us with ideas that you would like to see in upcoming blogs. If we use your idea we’ll send you a free Spot product just for contributing.

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